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The University of California, Merced has formed a partnership with the UC Davis School of Medicine and UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program to train medical students in the San Joaquin Valley. The collaboration represents another step forward in UC Merced's multiphase process to develop a medical education program and to enhance health and healthcare in the Valley.

The UC Merced San Joaquin Valley Program in Medical Education (PRIME) draws on the established strengths of the internationally recognized medical education and research programs at UC Davis, particularly the campus' existing Rural – PRIME. In addition, PRIME leverages the existing infrastructure at UCSF Fresno to train third- and fourth-year medical students. The new PRIME also builds on the emerging strengths of the Health Sciences Research Institute and the Center of Excellence on Health Disparities at UC Merced.

The focus of the UC Merced San Joaquin Valley – PRIME is to prepare the best and brightest students for rewarding careers in medicine in the ethnically diverse and underserved San Joaquin Valley.

The first cohort of five medical students entered the program in Fall 2011. The group begins clinical rotations in the San Joaquin Valley in 2013. Applications to be part of next year's cohort are being accepted by UC Davis School of Medicine.